How Do I Attach a Camera In a Door Peephole?

Installing a door peephole cam is one of the things you need to do to enhance the security in your home. Most burglaries start at the front door but with a door peephole cam, you will know exactly what is happening and respond to the situation on time. You are also able to identify salesmen without having to open your front door and this will help you avoid such interactions. The live feed of what is happening at your front door is displayed on a viewer that is fixed to the door. Wi-Fi-enabled models let to access the live feed from a portable LCD screen or an app and as such, you will not have to go to the front door to see what is happening. The cam starts recording when someone comes within the range of the cameras and this allows you to see who has popped up to your place for a visit.

Why you need a peephole camera

A video doorbell is one of the common devices people use for home security systems. A doorbell and a peephole cam operate in the same way in that they let you see who is at your door but they have different functionalities. You don’t get a viewer on the inside with a doorbell as it is the case with a peephole cam. A video doorbell transmits the images to an app on your smartphone or tablet computer and you will have to connect it to your home internet to see who is standing outside your door. A peephole ring cam just needs battery power to function and this makes it one of the best security solutions to get for your home security.

Can you install a peephole cam in a door?

Despite the many advantages, many people still don’t use ring peephole cameras on their front doors. Most people think that installing a ring peephole cam is difficult but the reality is that modern peephole cameras are simple to install and the whole process takes very little time. You don’t need any technical training to install and use a ring peephole cam properly and by following the installation guide below, you will get to understand how to set up the device to boost the security of your home.

How do you install a cam door?

Installing a ring peephole cam is very simple and you don’t any technical skills to do it successfully. Once you buy the camera, remove everything from the box and place them carefully on a flat surface side by side. The contents of the box will most likely include the peephole cam itself, the display screen, and a mounting bracket. You may get an SD card on the side for storing the recorded footage within the package. You may also need to bring your toolbox for the installation.

With the contents of the box laid out and the tools in place, you should check your door to find an appropriate location for the cam. If you already have a peephole, you will have to remove it and put the lens inside the hole. If not, you may have to drill a hole through the door for installing the cam. The size of your lens will determine the size of the hole you will drill with your options being either a 12mm or 14mm hole. Pick a spot on the door and use the drill to make the hole.

After drilling the hole, don’t rush to install the camera. Assemble the display viewer by putting the batteries and connecting lens to the screen. You may have to insert the SD card for some models. Next, feed the lens into the hole. Make sure that it is facing outside and through the hole to allow it to capture images properly and at a wide-angle.

Pick the mounting bracket from your package and fix it next to the peephole cam on the inside part of your front door. Use the tools to fix the bracket. The mounting bracket holds the display viewer and as such, you should make sure that it is firmly fixed to the door to keep the display screen safe from damage. Place the display viewer on the mounting bracket and twist the locks to secure it to the bracket. That’s it! Your peephole cam is now properly installed and you can power it on to see what is on the other side of the door from the display viewer or smartphone app.

What is the best peephole cam?

The best peephole ring cam for home use is the Zerone 3.5” LCD Screen Peephole Cam. This peephole cam delivers excellent picture quality to allow you to know the visitor information clearly and on time. The ring cam provides a wide-angle of view thus allowing you to monitor your front door effectively for enhanced home security. The ring cam has a hidden style and looks just like a normal peephole and this way, the visitors to your home will not know that you are watching them.

It comes with a 3.5 inch LCD that shows images and videos at the highest resolution. The screen is convenient and easy to use making it the perfect device for your home security. It automatically changes to standby mode after 15 seconds of no operation and this helps in conserving the charge.

The materials used to make the ring cam are of the highest quality and this helps boost its durability. The outdoor cam lens is surrounded by a tough zinc alloy that cannot be damaged easily. The indoor frame is made of durable plastic for extra strength and protection. Assembling the unit is very simple and you will not require extra screws or tools for the process.

Is a peephole cam right for me?

Peephole cameras are inexpensive and easy to install making them great additions to your home security system. You don’t require any technical skills to install a peephole cam. The process will take less than 15 minutes and the result will be a clear view of whoever is standing outside your door. This will help keep you, your loved ones, and property safe as you will be prepared to respond on time and appropriately should dangerous people show up at your front door.  

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