5 Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems for 2019

Best Wireless Home Intercom System
Wireless home intercom systems are a big help for a safe and secure home. The following is a list of the best wireless home intercom systems for 2019.
Hosmart Portable Wireless Intercom System
eMACROS Portable Wireless Intercom System
Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home

Choosing the Best Wireless Home Intercom System

Investing in your intercom system makes a huge difference between life and death instances. These are not just equipment that you can utilize to upgrade your home security system, they also serve as emergency medical alert systems for kids, elderly, or a sick member of your home. You should look for the best wireless home intercom system for you and your family members. This doesn’t mean that you should immediately purchase the first intercom system you find in the market, instead make an effort to research and compare different brands to determine the most suitable for your personal needs and budget.

In this article, you will be able to examine and compare some of the best known home intercom systems in the market based on their features and specifications. By taking a closer look at each model, you’ll be able to determine the best wireless intercom for your home security system.

eMACROS Portable Wireless Intercom System


Hosmart Portable Wireless Intercom System


Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home


Qniglo Wireless Intercom System


Guardline Wireless Intercom System


5 Best Wireless Intercom Systems

1. eMACROS Portable Wireless Intercom System

Rated: 5/5


eMACROS Portable Wireless Intercom is a digital wireless real-time and two-way intercom that features DECT 6.0 Technology – which is its most notable feature. DECT or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication 6.0 technology offers precise sound with additional dependability and secure 1.9 GHz communication. The eMACROS Portable Wireless Intercom has CE, FCC, and ROSH certifications. eMACROS also offers a lifetime quality warranty.

  • Real-time two-way communication and monitor. This wireless intercom system sports real-time two-way communication for the home that incorporates encryption. Its adjustable sound is eminently precise and sharp.
  • DECT 6.0 expandable cordless phone technology. Improved communication by allowing both participants of the conversation to speak and listen simultaneously, for communication that is almost similar to face to face conversations. This intercom system also offers 500 feet range which has been tested in real-world settings with interference from walls, buildings, and trees.
  • Easy and hassle-free installation. You can set up this wireless intercom system in just two minutes! The monitor function operates for 24 hours every day. Group function or conference call can contact all room to room intercom for business purposes. The best thing about this intercom system is that once the stations are connected, communication is hands-free – you don’t have to constantly press the talk button.
  • Anti-interference and completely expandable. Thanks to anti-interference signal technology and private digital channel, an initial master intercom unit can be connected to as many as five slaves. This wireless intercom system performs exceptionally in any location while delivering protected digital communication.
  • Compact and portable intercom system with incredible sound quality. This home wireless intercom system is powered using 5V power adapters or an inner 18650 battery, which allows you to take the master and sub-master intercom anywhere you want.
  • It is not durable at all.
  • There are a lot of problems with their battery.

2. Hosmart Portable Wireless Intercom System

Rated: 4.7/5


Hosmart was established by a group of friends who worked together to design and develop cellphone products in 2012. The goal of this manufacturer is to establish secure and comfortable surroundings for families who are looking for an intelligent residential security solution, state of the art security mechanism, wireless intercom systems, and doorbell intercom systems. The Hosmart Portable Wireless Intercom System helps families protect their residential property in a hassle-free manner. It offers maximum home security with its amazing specs and features. They also offer pass safety certification and lifetime quality warranty. Their wireless intercom system is CE, FCC, and ROSH certified. On top of that, Hosmart also offers a lifetime quality warranty.

  • Hosmart has been offering wireless intercom home system technology for more than 30 years, this ensures that you are working with a reputable and trustworthy company.
  • Long-range and multi-channel. This latest wireless intercom system sports a half-mile range with 6 secured channels. It uses the newest technology to come up with an intercom system that is dependable for office and home use.
  • Simple to operate. The Hosmart Portable Wireless Intercom System delivers talk, monitor, and group call function. The monitor function offers round the clock tracking. Group function or conference call can contact all the connection stations in the intercom system.
  • Sharp and clear sound with various ringtones. The anti-interference signal technology and private digital channel allow the wireless intercom system to smoothly operate in any location with private digital communication. It also offers four different ringtone choices that you can choose from.
  • Portable with a wide range. This wireless intercom system utilizes a wide range for office, home, outdoor, and other places. It is powered by a 18650 battery that allows you to take it anywhere you want.
  • Battery issues
  • Quality of the sound is not great

3. Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home

Rated: 4.3/5


The Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home delivers crystal clear sound and long-range. It has an upgraded signal with 5280 feet range that guarantees sharp sound quality. It is the most reliable wireless intercom system for home use.

  • Features 10 channel and 3 digital code. Wuloo offers 10 channels and 3 digital codes all packed in a secure wireless intercom system. It also has an upgraded anti-interference feature that works well with other intercoms that have a similar digital channel code.
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. Wuloo also offers a lifetime warranty for their intercom system.
  • Easy to use with simple instruction manual. Wuloo wireless intercom system has a monitor, talk, Group, VOX, and calling function. It also has an adjustable volume level. This intercom system for home is easier to use compared to others with user-friendly multi-functions and detailed step-by-step guide.
  • Powered by Power Bank for Outdoor. This intercom system is supported by a Power Bank, making it easy for users to relocate it anywhere.
  • Difficult to follow instruction manual.
  • The quality of the sound is not that great.
  • Monitoring is not that loud.

4. Qniglo Wireless Intercom System

Rated: 4.0/5


The Qniglo Wireless Intercom System features 0-9 channels with a distance of up to 600m (1800ft) in an open space. It has a built-in speaker and microphone, which allows hands-free communication.

  • Extremely easy to install and use. No need to install this wireless intercom system, you can simply attach the unit on a table or a wall and you are done. You can use it in your office or home using a 100-240 C plug.
  • Wide application. This wireless intercom system from Qniglo is perfect for home and office use. This is because of its ability to facilitate seamless communication among employees and staff in the office, or family members and loved ones in the house.
  • Automatic answer mode. When there is an incoming call, the unit can automatically answer without a ring. This incredible function allows you to track elders or children at night without disturbing them.
  • High-quality assurance. The Qniglo Wireless Intercom System has a 45-day money-back guarantee and 18-month warranty. Apart from this, if you need any assistance, you can always contact them for inquiries.
  • Automatic call answering sometimes does not work
  • The power plug is not secured

5. Guardline Wireless Intercom System

Rated: 3.9/5


The Guardline Wireless Intercom System is extremely easy to utilize whether it’s for office or home communication. Apart from its amazing wireless feature, it is also extremely fast to install. The system offers two base stations that are expandable to as many as 16 base stations for a full communication network. The intercom system is powered by four standard or rechargeable AA batteries. You can also use the included 9V power adaptors to attach it to a wall outlet. Also, the base stations can be placed on any counter or mounted to the wall.

  • Expandable system stations. The Guardline Wireless Intercom System can be expanded by up to 16 base stations to achieve flawless communication inside the business establishment, company, or home.
  • Extremely easy to install. The best thing about this wireless intercom system is that it is easy to set up. You don’t have to drill or wire anything, you can simply mount it on your counter or wall.
  • Seamless communication network. Guardline manufactured its wireless intercom system with the highest standard and it delivers unparalleled communication between different departments in the office or family member in the home.
  • Consumer alert. Many users can use this wireless intercom system without any license, however operating in such a way is subject to several restrictions.
  • High-quality and durable. To top off the amazing features of this intercom system, it also has a robust interior that is guaranteed to last for a long period.
  • The quality of voice is not that good.
  • The sound coming out of the microphone is not precise, words are difficult to understand.
  • People who use the intercom need to be within close proximity of the unit to be able to hear each other.

For those of you who are in search of the best wireless home intercom system, it can be quite tough to zero in on all of your required specs. There are a hundred things to check when looking for that best product. This guide will help you as we review the above best-rated products and present them in a way that will make your work much easier. It does not matter regardless if you have a shoestring budget or the sky’s the limit, the most important factor to consider is that you have a basic understanding of what you are looking for.

The Many Uses of Home Intercoms

  • Primary Communication. This is the main reason why home intercom systems are so in demand these days is because they are used as a primary mode of communication. It can be used to speak with others or listen to what is happening around the home. When looking for the best intercom think about your basic communication needs. Do you need to talk with several users? Do you need to be heard in another location? All these and more will ensure the kind of home intercom system that is best for your needs and preferences.
  • Home Security. Many homeowners who are looking for home intercom systems need the security features added to their products. If you intend to use the system to maintain and keep tabs of your home security, then you should add one with a high-end video feature. This can be a bit pricey compared to those that offer audio-only features. Know what exactly will match your budget and stick with these features that you need. Home intercom systems are used to monitor security at home, such as video doorbells, best-selling features with some home automation functionalities that are best for your home.
  • Wireless Doorbell Function. The home intercom can be utilized to communicate among rooms and locations at home. They can likewise be used as your very own smart wireless doorbell. The video option can connect with your home intercom, they will enable homeowners to see through the door before opening it. This keeps people at home safe. Many contain a record feature as well, this means the video can be accessed if someone intrudes, trespass, or try to sneak into your home. The video recordings can double as your CCTV and can be used to catch felons and burglars.

Know These Features for a Wireless Intercom System for Home

Wireless Intercom System for home is now becoming more and more popular among consumers. This is because of the seamless communication quality and maximum security that it offers. It is not only limited to residential properties. Offices and business establishments can also find this device beneficial. Moreover, a wireless intercom system can also act as an emergency security alert whenever kids or elders need help or assistance.

If you are planning to shop for the best wireless intercom system for your home or office, there are many features that you should consider first before spending your money. Here are the features that you should look for in a wireless intercom system:

  • Intercom Usage. First, you need to identify how you are going to use your intercom. This is an extremely crucial part before you shop since it will give you a clearer view of what model of intercom to purchase. Are you planning to use it between rooms? Are you looking for a unit that comes with rechargeable batteries? Knowing these little details will help you determine the features that you need to prioritize when choosing among different models in the market.
  • Performance. Just like purchasing a normal gadget, knowing the performance of the intercom system is one of the most essential factors that you should consider. To find out about this, you can research and check reviews to know the experiences of other customers, and test out the models that you are eyeing. Your main mission is to look for the best system that fits your needs and delivers quality performance.
  • Transmission. A reliable and clear signal is vital to achieving superior performance. The downside of using intercom systems is they are easy to interfere with and disrupt, which can make communication difficult and stressful for the users. That’s why you need to look for a unit that has the ability to combat interference in different locations.
  • Range. When talking about intercom applications, the distance that enables you to communicate with your staff or family members plays an important factor. If you are planning to use the intercom across a huge property, choose a model that offers a longer range. On the other hand, the range doesn’t matter if you are going to use it in a small space.
  • Sound Clarity. The quality of the sound being delivered will affect how efficient your messages travel across other parties, and vice versa. You should look for a wireless intercom system that can deliver messages that are free from white noise or static. The sound has to be crisp and accurate, also loud enough to make out the words being said.
  • Ease of Use. Even if you have the greatest and most high-tech intercom system, it won’t matter if you don’t have any idea how to utilize it. When purchasing an intercom, you don’t have to opt for those with complicated mechanisms, instead, choose a unit that is easy to use and operate.
  • Volume Control. When talking about a wireless intercom system, the volume level is important and it should be adjustable. This being said, search for a unit with an adjustable volume level. This will allow you to hear what the other party is saying without disturbing anyone. Apart from this, it also enables individual users to adjust the volume according to their personal preference.
  • Price. The price should give justice to the features of the intercom system and the quality of performance it offers. Don’t spend too much money on features that you don’t even need and don’t lose vital features by trying to settle for a low-rate unit. Find a sweet spot between features and price.
  • Video Capability. Though the usual intercom system doesn’t have this feature, video capability is now becoming more and more popular among advanced units. The ideal wireless intercom system for home purposes should have video, especially if you want to combine sound transmission with viewing.
  • Resolution. Concerning video capability, the wireless intercom system for home use should also display images that allow you to determine the person at your door. Don’t settle for a video intercom that you have no idea about its resolution since there is a great possibility that you’ll end up with low-quality products.

How to Choose the Best Intercom System for Home

  • Make sure you know how to use it. Before purchasing your intercom, make sure you familiarize yourself with how to use it. Always remember that even if you have the best intercom system, it won’t matter if you have zero ideas about how to operate it. Research or watch video tutorials to help you learn how to use it.
  • Determine how you’re going to use it. Knowing why you need to purchase an intercom and how you’re going to use it is important to help you find a model that will suit your preference. If you have a clear view of how and where you’re going to use it, it would be easy to identify the features that you need to prioritize.
  • Video Capability. State of the art intercoms that provide the best protection usually offers video capability. It has a clear resolution that enables you to identify individuals that approach your door.
  • Read Reviews. Looking for reviews about the intercom system that you are planning to purchase is one of the best ways to determine if it performs well. If you want to get valuable insights about the model that you want to invest in, you need to treat reviews seriously. Use it as your tool to easily compare different models in terms of their specs and performance.
  • Give It A Try. Lastly, to find the best intercom system on the market, don’t hesitate to test it out yourself because nothing beats real-life experience.


With all the data and info collected for this particular review, it is now much easier to make that informed buying decision and get the best wireless home intercom system. There are so many things to consider when you buy that intercom and it will depend on your budget and which features you are looking for in your home intercom.

If you are still unsure about some other factors, it will be practical to do your homework and research to determine which ones are worth your hard-earned money. Get the best quality you can afford to secure your home and have complete peace of mind.

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