9 Best Spy Cameras for Safety and Security

Best Hidden Spy Cam
Safety and security in the home would sometimes need surveillance or a spy camera inside the house. These are the 9 best spy cameras available today.
Hidden Camera WiFi Photo Frame
Camera Hidden in Bluetooth Mini Desk Tower Speaker
PalmVID WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

The 9 Best Hidden Cameras for the Home

People invest in spy cameras for various reasons. Some parents want to keep an eye on the nanny or the babysitter as they watch their kids, while others want to monitor employees and kids from taking away valuables. No matter what your goals are for purchasing a hidden camera, you must choose a reputable brand in the market. The best hidden cameras won’t disappoint you during times when you badly needed it and won’t hurt your pocket as well. It will not only allow you to track the whereabouts of a particular subject inside a room when you are not present there, but most importantly, it will smoothly function when you need it the most.

If you want to get ahead of the top hidden cameras this year and learn valuable tips on how to select the right camera to purchase, continue below to find out more.

Camera Hidden in Bluetooth Mini Desk Tower Speaker


Hidden Camera WiFi Photo Frame


PalmVID WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera


Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock Radio


Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Spy Camera


SecureGuard 1080P HD Alarm Clock Spy Camera


WiFi Spy Camera 1080P in Black Box Style


RecorderGear LC500W 1080P WiFi


PORTOCAM P095 1080P Hidden Camera Perfume Bottle


Top 9 Best Hidden Cameras in the Market

1. Camera Hidden in Bluetooth Mini Desk Tower Speaker

Rated: 5/5


Monitor your business establishment or residential property using your personal computer, laptop, mobile devices (Android & IOS), or anything that has an internet connection – it doesn’t matter whether its 3G or 4G. To set-up this hidden camera, you just need internet and wireless router, and you are all set. Compared to IP cameras, the P2P technology enables seamless set-up for all without the need to learn complicated network language. You can place the cameras at different locations and view them on different devices in a synchronized manner. These Wi-Fi cameras are constructed from the same material and components to give users the freedom to mix and match different cameras.

  • The camera smoothly functions within a similar network. It measures 1/2.8” with 2.0 MP Ultra low light sensor that can view 2 to 3 times better than the regular human eye under low light environment. It is also powered by a Wi-Fi connection and has 940nM IR sensitive. It comes with premium-quality glass optics, which is not made from cheap plastic.
  • Direct power for 24/7 operations
  • ONVIF compliant that perfectly works with the famous NVR and other third party software for PC, like AnyCam, iSpyConnect, Blue Iris, and more.
  • 16GB internal memory (200+hrs) that comes with motion detection recording.
  • Works great with any Android and iOS devices.
  • Doesn’t have a built-in night vision
  • Difficult to determine the battery power
  • Much better if it has audio

2. Hidden Camera WiFi Photo Frame 720P with Night Vision

Rated: 4.5/5


This wire-free hidden camera isolated in a 7-inch photo frame transmits on 2.4.GHz Wi-Fi connection. You can stream real-time video, control the camera using a remote, or download pictures and videos to your devices. Embrace the cord-free and wiring-free life with this spy camera, which offers seamless monitoring operation without the complicated installation. It also sends push notification alerts, making it the perfect device for individuals who want to find out every bit of essential information there is. When placed inside a room, no one will expect that this regular picture frame holds a hidden IP nanny camera, which features a built-in DVR.

  • HD hidden Wi-Fi security device that comes with a built-in DVR and camera. Built-in Wi-Fi enables you to stream, view, and control video using your smartphone wherever you are. HD live view option that provides instant notification alert
  • PIR Motion that records video during times when you need it to. Built-in "No Glow" night vision LEDs that allows you to see up to 30 feet, even in darkness.
  • Long-lasting battery life that can stand for the whole year.
  • Instant push notification alerts to Android and iOS devices.
  • Covert 15 degree downward viewing angle camera lens.
  • Connectivity often gets problematic.
  • Not efficient at all.
  • Does not gather data to the SD card.

3. PalmVID WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Rated: 4.3/5


Spy cameras from PalmVID are manufactured in the USA. This means that customers can expect that this product offers top-rate electronics, constructed into premium-grade items. Hidden cameras from PalmVID have a unique adjustable camera viewing angle. It also has an internet and Wi-Fi live streaming, playback, and recording via their free apps for devices such as iPads, Tablets, iPhones, and Android Smartphones. Furthermore, its long-lasting rechargeable battery can last for up to 100 days when in standby PIR motion detection mode or full-time plug-in power.

  • Wireless Wi-Fi connective and internet live streaming, playback, and recording using iPads, Tablets, iPhones, Android Smartphones, and computers.
  • Motion detection notifications and motion detection recording.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery that can last for up to 100 days in standby PIR motion detection mode or full-time plug-in power.
  • Utilizes regular Micro SD memory cards to store videos which can be viewed later.
  • A built-in HDTV video camera that features a wide field of view that provides incredible performance in any type of situation. Built-in digital video recorder or DVR that comes with a motion detection recording mode, which automatically records once the device picks up motion.
  • The app doesn’t work
  • Password can easily be changed by anyone

4. Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock Radio

Rated: 4.0/5


This is one of the most heavy-duty hidden IP cameras in the market. Designed to look like an alarm clock radio, this nanny cam can be connected to internet Wi-Fi to enable video recording, live streaming, and push alerts. This device will monitor your children and will give you the peace of mind that you need when you are away from home.

  • Multipurpose: This cube clock hidden camera with Wi-Fi enabled nanny cam can be used for various purposes. It can function as a US FM radio, 12 or 24-hour switch alarm with buzzer and extendable snooze, USB charging port, wireless stereo speaker, and more.
  • Wi-Fi-powered alarm clock radio: This compact alarm clock radio that’s made from aluminum alloy is Wi-Fi enabled and it is designed to give you 24/7 surveillance. Using a Wi-Fi connection, you can view, stream, and download real-time videos and photos to your devices, even if you aren’t home. You can also guarantee optimum safety since this nanny cam sends quick alerts to your smartphone.
  • Night Vision Capacity: Sporting built-in "No Glow" night vision LEDs, this spy camera can display the faces of the subject even in complete darkness. The set loop recording automatically captures over the oldest data so your recordings are never cut down due to insufficient memory. The recordings also have watermarks of date and time for easy recognition during playback. With this cube alarm clock radio, no one will know that it has an IP hidden camera with built-in DVR
  • Three Recording Modes: Mode 1 enables continuous video recording, mode 2 is for scheduled recording and mode 3 is for motion detection.
  • Free live streaming apps for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Unreliable WiFi connectivity
  • Fails to stay online for a long time
  • Low-quality WiFi camera

5. Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Rotate Left-Right 180°

Rated: 3.9/5


This 1080P HD hidden spy camera comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can be utilized simultaneously. It features a PTZ camera lens with 180 degrees rotation. Using the app, you can control the lens of the camera and the direction where you want it to rotate, to achieve a wider field of view.

  • This camera can hold as much as 128 GB SD memory card; it can also be configured for motion detection recording, time-lapse video recording, and 24-hour recording. It is also capable of circular recording that automatically overwrites old videos once the SD card is full. You can review and download the data stored on the SD card to your smartphone and other devices through their free app.
  • Once the camera detects movement, it will automatically send a push notification to let you know. It also takes a picture and saves it directly to the photo album found in the app.
  • Proper usage: You can switch off the light of the camera through the app. The camera has a 3000 mAh large battery capacity and a 2-meter cable. Connect the camera to a permanent and reliable power source for excellent performance.
  • The app interface is messy
  • Difficult to connect to the Wi-Fi
  • Requires good lighting

6. SecureGuard 1080P HD WiFi Wireless IP Alarm Clock Radio

Rated: 3.7/5


The SecureGuard 1080P HD WiFi Wireless IP Alarm Clock Radio features a sleek nanny spy camera that supports 16 GB SD card.

  • Constructed using state of the art technologies. 100% hidden, no CAT5 jack and Wi-Fi broadcasting. An onboard access point, no need to connect to any Wi-Fi network
  • 1920X1080 HD Camera for excellent image quality. Cloud camera offers convenient live streaming and playback
  • 16GB onboard video storage that continuously records for playback
  • Easy and hassle-free setup. 100% plug and play. Cost-efficient
  • 100% made in the US
  • Can’t shoot low light images
  • No Wi-Fi option

7. WiFi Spy Camera 1080P in Black Box Style

Rated: 3.6/5


Monitor the happenings inside your commercial and residential property via your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer with the Wi-Fi Spy Camera 1080P in Black Box Style. Easy setup procedure that needs only two simple things: an internet and a wireless router. You can place this spy camera anywhere you want and it will keep an eye on the area or particular subject that you want to monitor.

  • 1080P High resolution / 2.0 Megapixel CMOS
  • Reliable and stable SD card recording and remote playback. Supports as much as 128GB SD card. Efficient motion detection recording with instant alerts to update you when movements are detected around your property.
  • Works great with Android and iOS smartphones, as well as tablets. You can view and download the recordings on the camera, even if you are away.
  • Signal protected by a user ID and password or WPA Encryption
  • Download recorded footage without any hassle to smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and other devices.
  • Doesn’t work with Mac
  • Doesn’t have audio

8. RecorderGear LC500W 1080P WiFi with 330° Rotating Lens

Rated: 3.5/5


The LC500W is one of the best indoor 1080P spy cameras in the market right now. It is manufactured to safeguard what’s valuable to you by offering round the clock surveillance, footage recording/capturing, and app control/remote viewing. The construction of this hidden camera is a functional color mood lamp with interchangeable colors. To view the recorded high-quality video, record/control, and receive motion detection alerts, connect the device to its app, RecordGear. This way, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to control the device and receive valuable notifications. Sporting a 3-meter range of night vision, this mood lamp and spy camera will give you 24/7 monitoring.

  • 1080P indoor lamp hidden camera that is specifically designed to protect your loved ones for 24 hours every day. Through the app, you can easily view and record footage.
  • Wall powered, night vision, and motion alerts: Since this device is created with a 3-meter range of night vision, you can take advantage of its ability to monitor your home or business for 24/7. You’ll also get screenshot notifications to know the important details picked up by the spy camera.
  • Loop recording, expandable memory, time/date stamp: All the footage shot by the spy camera is directly stored to the SD card. It can support up to 128GB of micro SD card. The recorded footage can also be downloaded to any device, including tablets, smartphones, and personal computers.
  • 330° rotating lens: The LC500W camera lens can be rotated from left to right for a complete 330° using the free app that you can download on your smartphone. This will allow the spy camera to cover wider areas and give you a sense of peace day and night.
  • Not durable
  • Lacks audio
  • Loud and annoying sound when rotating

9. PORTOCAM P095 1080P Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Perfume Bottle

Rated: 3.4/5


PORTOCAM spy camera has a state of the art PIR sensor that can pick up movements from moving objects and automatically records their movement. Once the sensor is activated, a real-time alert will be sent to your smart devices to update you with everything. You can also change how often you want to receive notifications. For instance, when you open the app and adjust the motion detection settings, you can set it in a way that allows you to receive notifications only when you want to.

  • Motion detection notifications: This advanced motion sensor camera can capture motion in as fast as 0.7 seconds once it is activated. With this, you’ll never miss out on the essential happenings in your property and get notifications right away.
  • Amazing spy perfume bottle: Hidden built-in lens that can perfectly blend in your perfume bottle and serve as a decoration. No one will suspect that it is a camera lens, even when they closely examine it.
  • Supported by a rechargeable battery: The hidden camera is powered by a 4000mAh battery that allows seamless monitoring without the need to plug it in a stable charging cable.
  • Complete HD 1080P video with real-time viewing: The Wi-Fi spy camera keeps an eye on your house in HD video of 1080p. You can also check your phone for live streaming anywhere and anytime.
  • Cloud storage: You can store recordings in a micro SD or cloud, depending on your preference. The free cloud storage can hold as much as 20 video recordings, offering more protected storage.
  • Arduous to install and configure
  • Not heavy-duty
  • Can’t continuously record in a loop

Features of Hidden Cameras for the Home

A great spy camera doesn’t have a complex setup and configuration procedure. It should have a reliable app for remote viewing and access, easy internet connectivity, and audio for seamless monitoring.

Buying a Spy Camera for the Home

Spy cameras today have a different set of features compared to those introduced before. Here are some of the essential features you should consider:

  • Night Vision: This enables you to monitor even at night or in total darkness. Make sure that the brand you select has 12 feet or more night vision capability for best performance.
  • Motion Activation: If you don’t want to spend hours and hours reviewing the recorded footage in your spy camera, then opt for one that comes with a motion-activated mode. These kinds of covert cameras don’t record anything until they pick up motion in the surroundings, and mind you, they are a life-saver. Some models send you an alert when they are activated to keep you updated.
  • Viewing Angle: You don’t want to stress over the angle of your hidden camera, especially if you have a lot on your plate. Choose a camera with a 90-degree angle. If you want an even wider field of view, some models offer 140 up to 160-degree range.

Choosing A Motion Activated Spy Camera

A spy camera with a motion detector will monitor any subject without any problem. It automatically captures the most important moment and sends you an instant alert once motions are detected.

Other Benefits of Small Hidden Cameras

Tiny spy cameras are as helpful as surveillance cameras, security cameras, and nanny cameras. They give you a sense of peace when you leave your home during the day and when you sleep at night.

Final Word

The security of your loved ones and things that are valuable to you should not be taken for granted. This is why the best hidden cameras were introduced in the market. They aid homeowners and business owners to achieve maximum protection for 24/7 with continuous and unfailing monitoring. There are many hidden cameras out there but make sure you opt for the one that ticks off all the features that you are looking for.

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