For Parents Peace of Mind: The Best GPS Tracker for Kids

GPS for Kids
For parents’ peace of mind, and for their children's safety, using GPS trackers for kids is becoming a necessity, and these 8 GPS Trackers are easy to use.

When it comes to children’s safety and security as well as for their own peace of mind, parents want to know where their children are at all times. Going to and from school has become increasingly difficult. The community and the streets are safe, but there are times when it can become a concern. It is the parent’s prerogative to keep tab of their children. One of the simplest ways to do this is with the use of the best GPS tracker for kids. In the market today, there are a few which GPS trackers which are well-suited for children.

The 8 Best GPS Tracker for Kids for 2019

Basically, the decision to invest in a child GPS tracker completely depends on you. But for a worry-free life, most parents turn to these tracking devices. If you are planning to purchase one yourself, here are the best GPS tracker for kids that you can find out there.

Rated: 5/5


goTele is the best off-grid outdoor tracking device that is especially manufactured for those who love the great outdoors. Families, friends, and even pets can use this device and safely go on their exciting adventures, without worrying about getting lost. Everyone can simultaneously check the real-time location and position of all members in a single map. The device also allows members to send each other SMS texts or SOS signals during emergency.

  • No network, sim card, or monthly fee required. It helps users communicate with each other without the need to use WiFi or cell service. Allows the users to send SOS messages
  • Features a geo-fence, real-time tracking, and offline map.
  • Anti-fall, waterproof, and dustproof.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities including hiking, wading, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, exploration, and more.
  • 1-3 km of connection distance in downtown and 3-5 km in suburb areas.
  • Can use a lot of improvement
  • GPS doesn’t work in indoor places
  • It might be disturbed by bad weather, electric equipment, skyscraper, mountain terrain, and forest.

Rated: 4.5/5


Jiobit provides unparalleled encryption and security, matching or exceeding the high standards of US Government. It’s a miracle device for parents and the number one enemy of hackers.

  • Compact, lightweight, and robust design allows user to privately attach it into shoes, clothing, or bags for a simple wearable child GPS tracker. It is the ideal device to track young children and the elderly, especially those that have sensory sensitivities.
  • Incredible tracking performance that work in any distance, even indoors. You’ll be able to determine where your kid is and the person they’re with. The device also sends arrival and departure notifications to and from school, home, and other designated locations.
  • 100% US based support with headquarters in Chicago.
  • App still needs improvement
  • Not waterproof
  • Short battery life

Rated: 4.3/5


OJOY Smart Watch for Kids with Android GPS tracker is an incredible phone counterpart for children. It sports 1.4 inches retina display, 4G LTE, 3G and GSM network support, 2MP camera, 800 mAh battery, and Wi-Fi. It is the best device for kids from 5 to 10 years old.

  • Child security is their number one priority. You can give your kids freedom while also maintaining their safety. The device monitors their whereabouts and allows them to easily message or call you.
  • State of the art kids GPS tracker. You can connect this smartwatch to its user-friendly iOS and Android app to track the location of your child and review their location history all throughout the day.
  • Strategic organization. This smartwatch slash GPS tracker allows you to organize your calendar activities and manage school and after-school activities all in one app. Your kid will be given reminders to keep them well-acquainted with their daily schedule. It also comes with other incredible features like stopwatch and alarm in a kid-friendly interface.
  • ● Diverse global network support. It can be utilized in many countries with GSM networks. It supports network frequencies such as 4G LTE bands, 3G WCDMA, and 2G GSM
  • Unreliable GPS reading. Inaccurate GPS.
  • Low battery life
  • No watch bands

Rated: 4.0/5


AMERICALOC brings you a small and compact GPS tracker that is multipurpose. It is easy to place in backpacks, vehicles, cases, pockets, and boxes. It has a rechargeable battery and can save up to one year of historical data. The device can send alerts for movement, speeding, low battery, on/off, front button pressed, and in and out of zones.

  • The best GPS tracker for people, vehicles, and valuables. Real time tracking capacity with 1 year of tracking history
  • It offers the longest battery life that comes with extended multicarrier coverage. The battery life is measured in days or weeks, not just in hours.
  • Push notifications for parked, movement, speeding, low battery, on/off, front button pressed, and in and out of zones. 1 minute location update even when walking or driving
  • No hidden or activation fees.
  • Works in many countries including Canada, US, and Europe.
  • GPS get lost sometimes. Tracking device offers general location when connected to a strong wireless signal but fails to do so for weak signal. Tracking can still be improved.
  • Does not have any tech support. Does not have any available app.
  • Battery drains within a short period of time.

Rated: 3.9/5


The Amcrest 2-Pack AM-GL300 Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker is an upgrade version 2 that comes with latest GMS Module for seamless performance. It has a full quad-band for excellent real-time tracking. It also comes with a sturdy and durable case that’s compact and water-resistant. It is the perfect GPS tracker for kids since it’s barely bigger than a matchbox. You can use it to monitor your pets, vehicles, children, elderly, and others. 

  • Latest version 2.0 hardware with upgraded GSM module for superior accuracy and dependability. Full quad-band cellular transmission for amazing global coverage. It is supported by T-Mobile Cell Towers in the US for optimum coverage.
  • All data are stored in a secure and private cloud for six months. Powerful and well-designed user interface that features unlimited text message and email notifications, Geo-fencing, upgraded customized reporting that covers boundary crossings, vehicle speed, idle time, and many more.
  • 100% reliable and precise real-time GPS tracking supported by Microsoft Azure secure cloud. Ideal for asset and personal tracking since it is part of a full-blown monitoring and tracking system.
  • 10-14 day battery life supported by smart power. It is specifically engineered to automatically turn on and off based on ultra-sensitive 3-way accelerometer. Can withstand extreme weather conditions with its waterproof magnetic case.
  • Offers one year US warranty and lifetime supported provided by Amcrest.
  • Difficult to configure.
  • Not sturdy.

Rated: 3.7/5


Yepzon Freedom is the first-ever personal child GPS tracker that combines an SOS alarm button with three tracking technologies, including the first WiFi indoor positioning in the whole world! It is extremely easy to set up and use – just connect your Yepzon tracker to your phone device, place the tracker to any object or subject, and you’ll be able to monitor the moving target using the mobile app, regardless of its position or location.

  • Fast SOS alert. This GPS for kids manufactured by Yepzon can track subjects that are in need of help within a few seconds. With just one push from the safety button, the safety alarm will be activated and sends notification that contains the exact location of the subject to the mobile app, even if it is on the other side of the globe.
  • Multiple users and devices. You can connect as many Yepzon devices to your smartphone and manage them using the Yepzon app. You will be provided with a map that displays the location of your loved ones. Uses Google database for superior indoor results.
  • Foolproof data security. You can automatically connect the Yepzon tracker to your phone without the need to register or provide your user info. You can guarantee the zero personal data will be collected from you.
  • Built-in SIM for worry-free data plan. GPS, 3G, and WiFi delivers precise and reliable location
  • Extremely affordable compared to other child GPS tracker
  • Locations are unreliable and inaccurate. Functions when there is a strong cell signal only.
  • Battery life drains quickly, not long-lasting at all.
  • Does not reset right after SOS alert.

Rated: 3.6/5


This GPS tracker for kids is best utilized when travelling, especially if you don’t want to lose your luggage or your child. It is also perfect during hiking trip or camping activities. The most notable feature of this tracker is its real-time location tracking.

  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions. Since this GPS tracker is weather resistant, it is the best device to utilize during long trips, hiking, or camping. Reliable mapping that uses Google map for tracking and history. This guarantees peace of mind among parents and other users, knowing that they have a reputable company as their assistance.
  • Has a real-time location that allows you to track your kids and find your misplaced items using your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • SOS emergency that is activated with just a simple push of a button. When pressed, the SOS function will activate and deliver an alarm signal that contains the location of the device. This is helpful during emergencies.
  • 100% user satisfaction. Bird eye prides itself for developing and making nothing but a GPS tracker with supreme quality. This only shows that they look after the welfare and safety of their customers.
  • Has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Slow location update.
  • Alarm button is difficult to switch on or off.
  • GPS often gives false locations. Not that durable.

Rated: 3.5/5


The Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker allows you to monitor your loved ones and valuables without any hassle. You can install it in your company’s car to guarantee that each job is finished right on schedule or track the route of your family’s car to ensure that they arrive at their destination safe and sound. This device is specifically engineered to protect those that you value the most.

  • Optimus GPS tracker to keep an eye on vehicles, people, and possessions
  • Highly-personalized report frequency that you can upgrade from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. Comes with Android and iOS app for superior and speedy tracking.
  • Sports an advanced routing feature for experts and investigators.
  • Text message and email alerts for speeding, movement, entering areas, SOS button, low battery, and driving reports. Covers data plan and sim card.
  • PTFRCB certified with coverage in US
  • It only gives general location, not the exact location of the subject.
  • Need to exert a lot of effort to press the power button and turn it on/off.
  • Inaccurate location. Unreliable.

GPS Trackers for Kids

The increasing statistics for children that are missing in the United States is alarming and horrifying, especially for concerned parents out there. Though there are a lot of possible reasons why children go missing or arrive home late from school, it is the worst possible reason that crosses the mind of almost every parent.

Good thing there are now child GPS tracker that will put the minds of worried parents at ease because they can now easily determine the location and whereabouts of their kids within a few seconds.

This device is an aid for parents who constantly find themselves worrying about their children whenever they are outside. But how do these child GPS tracking mechanisms operate? Basically, these trackers are relatively small and they can be easily attached to your kid’s backpack or clothes. They work just like the regular GPS systems used in boats and cars, but much more compact. If you want to be updated with your kid’s location all the time, GPS tracker for kids will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Understanding GPS Tracking Devices For Kids

GPS tracker has three primary segments: the control system, the satellite, and the user. It can be utilized to identify the position, navigation, and location of any object or person on Earth. This is popularly used to find out the exact location of ships and planes. Nowadays, people use GPS tracker to check the speed of their car when they are driving or keep an eye on their kids.

This system is extremely useful to maintain the safety of young children since tracking them is now easy. The advantages of these devices are real time and people are becoming more and more engrossed in this kind of technology. In fact, with GPS tracking, people are now starting to feel safer and more protected. This device is cost-efficient and widely-available in many trustworthy retailers.

GPS tracker gives satellite signals that tell the exact location of the child. In the case that parents are worried and want to know where their kid is, they can easily dial a unique number on their cellular phone and contact the kid’s device using the cell phone network. The kid’s device will instantly respond to the GPS coordinates and show the precise location on the parent’s phone.

Other than this, there are also a lot of additional safety features that block other people from tracking the whereabouts of your child. With this, your mind will be at ease knowing that no malicious person will ever pry on your kid’s activities and location.

It also has a system that automatically notify the parent if the child travels away from a designated area. This is a great advantage because parents won’t spend their time looking for their child when they leave school or the playground. Furthermore, GPS trackers comes with a panic button that the child can use if ever they sense danger in their surroundings.

Whenever they are afraid, your kid can simply push the button and the parent will instantly know that something is wrong. Once the child presses the panic button, an SOS message will be sent to the parent which contains the child’s location, allowing parents to quickly go there to help or fetch their child. GPS trackers also allow parents to listen to what is going on in the location of their kids in case they couldn’t get there right away.

What To Look For In A Kid GPS Tracker

GPS tracking and other GPS tracker services and products have become more and more popular over the past years. This is because people are now more aware of the benefits of these devices.

They are beginning to realize how helpful it is in maintaining the safety and security of their children. With this, interested people are now loyal customers to this kind of service. You can utilize this incredible device to locate almost anything, but it is highly-suggested that you work with the most reputable service provider that provides appropriate gears to allow you to track your children anytime of the day.

When choosing the right GPS tracker to invest in, there are many factors that you need to think about, and all of these will be tackled in this article. But first, you have to take note that various GPS tracking solution providers utilize different kinds of tracking system and gears to carry out their solutions.

When talking about these devices, the most compact offers the most benefits and the greatest performance. This is extremely crucial since you are tracking your children and their safety lies in your hands. If you want to know other factors that you should consider when looking for the best GPS tracking solution provider, continue reading this article.

Compact Child Tracker

First, GPS trackers for kids need to be compact. Basically, compact devices are easy to attach to almost anything since they don’t take up a lot of space. You can easily place them inside a package, in your car’s dashboard compartment, in a bag or purse. They are very practical and they perform well. When it comes to GPS trackers, there are a lot of compact versions that you can find on the market, however some of them perform better than others. This is why it is vital to be meticulous when choosing among the large selection of GPS trackers.

Apart from this, you should also select a tracker that is furnished with direct GPRS connection. This specific feature ensures real-time monitoring of your child. Don’t forget to inquire about the battery life of the tracker too. This is important if you are planning to monitor something over a long period of time.

GPS for Kids Tracking Interface

Another factor to consider when choosing the best GPS tracker for kids is its tracking interface. Make it a point to ask for a trial or a demo to see the real performance and monitoring capacity of the tracker. The cleverest way to go is to select a device that comes with a web-based interface. With this feature, you can access the tracking interface without the need to install complicated software, thus eliminating the hassle of installing the software again in case you have to switch computers.

Having a web-based tracking interface also removes any compatibility problems that you might face. Besides this, you will also be provided with 3D maps that are way better than regular ones. You will specifically dig the map data from Microsoft and Google since they are readable and detailed.

Kid Tracker with GEO Fence

The next feature that you shouldn’t miss out when shopping for GPS tracker is its GEO fence. This feature will allow you to assign a designated area and receive alerts whenever your subject leaves the area. Many customers, especially parents find this feature extremely helpful when monitoring children or elderly people, as well as tracking vehicle movement within specific area. GEO fence offers customizable tracking capacity for hassle-free and fast monitoring. With this, it is vital to choose a GPS tracker that offers exceptional GEO fence.

Kids GPS Tracker Pricing

After learning about the essential features that you should consider from a GPS tracker, don’t forget to consider its pricing. Take note that the most reputable GPS tracking solution provider offers their services and products at a fair and reasonable price. They have a monthly fee, but it should still be budget-friendly, and it should pay off all the benefits that you are getting from their services. Furthermore, never think twice to ask questions and clarifications.

You can also ask for a demo or trial of their product. Take note that a reputable and honest provider won’t hesitate to answer your questions and clear out any clarifications that you have in mind. They are also willing to show you how their products and services operate to give you a clearer view on whether their tracking solution fits your preference and requirements.

With so many providers out there, it pays off to research about their prices and features to determine if they are worth your monthly investment. Always remember that you are not just investing for a GPS tracking service, but also for the safety and protection of your loved ones.

Best Child Tracker

GPS or Global Positioning System has the capability to determine the location of any object on Earth using satellite tracking mechanism. This is possible with the aid from a series of satellites that continuously circle the Earth. Generally, it was invented to help US armed forces with navigation. But this technology is not limited to such use only, as a matter of fact, the best GPS tracker for kids is now becoming more and more popular among parents and other consumers.

Since GPS have become so affordable and widely-available in the market over the past years, many people are now relying on it for security purposes for their loved ones, especially kids and elderly. The unique built of the GPS receiving unit allows it to deliver precise information even in locations where there are a lot of tall trees and skyscrapers. Apart from this, people who sojourn deep into the jungles or hikers who climb statuesque mountains depend on GPS device to prevent unfortunate events of getting lost. Moreover, children who are missing or kidnapped can benefit from child GPS tracker.

Though GPS trackers are usually utilized to search for keys, find lost pets, or navigate while driving, parents can turn to these devices to monitor their children virtually.

However, there are some that argue the use of child tracker – insisting that parents should teach their kids to independently cope up with danger and risk. But in the generation of technology, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this location surveillance, especially if it means safety for your children. Aside from this, GPS tracking devices for kids also appeal to many parents because of the staggering statistics of children that goes missing each year.

Final Words on Child GPS Tracker

Children go missing for different reasons, but the majority of them are not suspicious, however it is impossible to determine unless you find your kid again. Investing in a Child GPS Tracker is exquisitely helpful especially for parents since it provides ample amount of safety and security for children.

Remove the fear and worry that you constantly feel whenever your child leaves your home, by buying the best GPS Tracker for kids and equip yourself with the devices that can instantly determine their location and position. These devices have state of the art tracking system that offers seamless and unfailing monitoring. Know about these exceptional tracking solution products and services to keep your child protected from the possibility of going missing.

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