7 Best Fireproof Safes for Your Home and Office

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A home requires the best fireproof safe, as well as the small office and the home office. The best fireproof safe protects valuables against natural disasters.

The Search for the Best Fireproof Safe

Looking for the best fireproof safe is often a daunting task. This is because there are overflowing models and brands that you will find out there. In fact, if you shop around, you will come across safes that are as little as a thin metal box. But when you do further research, you will realize that safes are more than just a plain box.

When you pause and determine the main reason why you are planning to purchase a safe, it will come down to one extremely simple but vital issue: the items that you wanted to safeguard are typically the most essential valuables in your life. With regards to this, if you are looking for an ideal fireproof safe to store your prized possessions, this article gathered the top products in such category to help you narrow down your options and choose among which one suits your security needs.

The 6 Best Fireproof Safes: A Comparative Listing

Rated: 5/5


The SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe with Digital Keypad is classified by UL to secure your most valuable documents and items for as much as 60 minutes 1700˚F or 927˚C. It is also ETL approved to offer protection to digital media items like USB drives, flash drives, DVDs, and CDs.

  • UL classified fireproof safe that can withstand 1700°F for 60 minutes, offering unbeatable protection for important documents, possessions, USBs, and DVDS; ETL verified to endure 15 foot fall during events of fire and still remain in tacked.
  • Water-resistant safe that is ETL verified for 24 hours of security under 8 inches deep of water, giving you reassurance during unforeseen events like flood.
  • Create your personal digital combination with extra locking key for tighter security; digital combination safe comes with steel construction, four love-locking bolts, locking drawer, pry-proof hinge bar, bolt down hardware, and interior light.
  • For maximum performance, you can utilize four premium-grade, name branded, AA alkaline batteries that can last for up to 8-10 years.
  • Plastic parts look cheap

Rated: 4.5/5


The Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe will secure your precious items from theft and fire. The heavy-duty safe offers an easy mechanism to protecting your passports, digital media, jewelry, essential documents, and other personal items.

  • Measures 2.1-cubic-foot, making it a spacious fireproof safe for securing your important papers, digital media, and other prized possessions from fire and theft.
  • Follows the latest UL 72 Standard for Safety Tests for Fire Resistance of Record Protection Equipment, which means that it can withstand 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, as tested by Intertek.
  • Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel body structure with 5 huge 0.75-inch bolts for extreme protection.
  • Electronic keypad offers fast and convenient access with back-up key for emergency purpose.
  • Not robust enough
  • Electronic keypad looks cheap with plastic parts
  • Battery is located on the outside

Rated: 4.3/5


The SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe with Dial Combination is specifically engineered to secure your valuable documents, digital media, and other personal items from water, fire, and theft. It is perfect for office or home security needs. The safe has a durable steel construction with back-up locking key to offer extra security from unauthorized access.

  • Water-resistant safe that’s ETL Verified. It offers 24 hours of security even under 8 inches of water, perfect for areas that are prone to flood or those that wanted to secure their valuables from water.
  • Fire-resistant safe that’s UL classified. It can survive at 1700°F as much as one hour of exposure. It is the ideal storage for irreplaceable papers and digital media. It can also survive a fall from 15 foot building during incidents of fire and still remain tightly closed.
  • Spacious and durable storage for external hard drives, tablets, USB drives, DVDs, CDs, phones, memory cards, and many other electronic storage equipment.
  • Offers combination passcode with back-up key for optimum security. The combination safe has a bolt down hardware, shelf, four live-locking bolts, pry-resistant hinge bar, and steel construction.
  • Low-quality parts and handle
  • Flimsy parts
  • Cheap lock construction

Rated: 4.0/5


The Steelwater AMSWEL-530 2 Hour Fireproof Home is hailed as the top fireproof safe for home use. It provides the most reliable security for documents and other prized personal belongings.

  • Adjustable and removable shelf and slide out drawer
  • Steadfast rectangular locking bolts located on the side hinge
  • Reprogrammable user codes with 4-16 digit combination
  • State of the art electronic keypad
  • Withstand 1850°F or 1010°C fire for 2 hours.
  • Reprogramming codes is too complicated

Rated: 3.9/5


The Stack-On PFS-1608 Personal Steel Fireproof Safe with Electronic is a dual-purpose safe that can protect handguns and prized possessions in the office or home. It can also withstand as much as 1440 degree for 30 minutes.

  • Electronic lock can accommodate 3-8 digit passcode with emergency key provided. Requires AA batteries.
  • Internal dimensions: 13.25 x 10 x 10 Inch; interior volume: cubic feet
  • Survive 1440 degree of fire for 30 minutes
  • Easy access to items since the door can be opened for 180 degrees
  • Construction of the safe is made from welded-steel to offer superior protection
  • Poor quality
  • Dimensions are wrong

Rated: 3.7/5


The SentrySafe HD4100 Fireproof Safe for documents can store as many as 40 basic hanging folders – making it the best fireproof safe for your essential business and family documents.

  • Offers 72 hours of water protection and peace of mind during flood, as verified by ETL.
  • Can withstand 1550°F of fire for 30 minutes, offering maximum protection to your important papers, valuables, and digital media.
  • Comes with a flat key lock to secure the lid and keep it in tacked during fire.
  • Material is constructed from capture fire insulation
  • Low quality plastic hands
  • Door doesn’t properly close

Understanding Fireproof Safe Reviews

Fire is one of the most tragic incidents that could ever happen to someone. It has the capacity to completely wipe out everything you’ve had and once it starts, you can only do so little to stop it. The least you can do is to contact 911 and hope that you still have something to salvage once the fire is put out. With this unforeseen accident, the need to invest in the best fireproof safe is highly-suggested.

Fireproof safes will not only secure your valuables and prized possessions against, but also from thefts and burglars. Safes come in different varieties; you can opt for something lightweight and easy on the pocket or one that is heavy-duty and durable – the decision is completely up to you. At the end of the day, you will still choose a safe that will fit the item that you wanted to protect. Are you looking for a storage solution for some of your documents? Or maybe you want to include other valuables as well? Moreover, do you want it to be heavy so it’s difficult to lift and steal? Or you have other requirements in mind? When looking for fireproof safes, there are a lot of things that you should consider and that includes the price. The safes listed in this article range from $50 to $2,000, so you have a wide option to choose from.

Important Considerations When Purchasing a Peephole Camera

The real challenge when buying a peephole camera is the wide range of choices available. There are just too many wireless peephole camera systems that circulate in the market today. This is great because you will have a lot of options. No matter what you are looking for, it is guaranteed that you will find something that suits your needs. But for an average buyer, who doesn’t have full knowledge of what they need, this broad spectrum of choices can be confusing.

Do you invest in a costly camera? Do you settle for a 360p or 720? Or do you even have a door that could fit a peephole camera? These are some of the things that you need to answer before you buy a peephole camera. Don’t worry because this article will guide you along in choosing and ordering the best peephole camera.

Below are the important factors that you need to consider if you want to invest in the best peephole camera for your home:

What Makes a Fireproof Box

If you are planning to buy a safe, you surely wanted to find out if it actually works. This is because there are a lot of safes in the market today that are more than just cabinets and boxes with key and lock. So before you splurge your money, here’s what you should consider when choosing a fireproof safe:

1. How much does it cost?

Fireproof safes range from different price rate. You can find something below $100 or more than $1000. But take note that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good quality. However, expensive options are usually a lot heavier and much bigger. This being said, you should pay attention to the cost of the safe when looking for the ideal one but it shouldn’t be your only basis.

2. Is it fireproof?

Basically, there will be manufacturers that will present their safe as fireproof but how fireproof can it be? The fire-resistant capacity of safes differ from each other. It’s almost the same to water-resistant ability, wherein the safe is water-resistant up to a specific depth and for particular duration. When it comes to fire-proofing, the safe is only fireproof for specific period of time and up to certain amount of temperature. Typically, the longer the time and the higher the temperature, the better. You should look for a fireproof safe that can withstand 1,100 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes – that’s only the minimum.

3. Is it waterproof?

Though this feature might sound weird when you are looking for a fireproof safe but it is vital. If you reside in a place that has a sprinkler system, they can automatically activate when there’s a fire. Apart from this, the fire department will also utilize powerful hoses. Once you have a waterproof safe, your documents and valuables will be safe from fire and water.

4. How heavy is it? How much space does it has?

The amount of space and the weight are also essential factors that you need to consider when shopping for fireproof safes. You can find small fireproof safes that offer sufficient storage space for your documents. However, the problem with these safes is they can easily be lifted and stolen. If your goal is to protect your valuables from fire and theft then you should look for a safe that is heavy and hard to pick up. But if you simply want to protect your prized possession from fire, you can opt for a safe that’s lighter.

How to Choose a Fireproof Cash Box

When selecting which model to buy, here’s the things that you should look for in a safe:

Independent fireproof rating – many fireproof safes are examined and rated by UL and the reputable inspection company known as Intertek that utilizes the ETL mark. UL run their tests for different ratings – usually based on the type of rating the manufacturer wanted to obtain. Testers place the safes inside a furnace at a distinct temperature, for specific period of time. The safe maker can run tests at various duration and temperature. After that, the testers will proceed to the next step, which is to drop the safes from a 30 story building before putting it right back to the furnace for another heat testing. Many household safes have been given a rating which can withstand 1,550 °F for 30 minutes – the minimum standard for fireproof safes. This is a typical certification given by ETL and UL. The next tier is 60 minutes at 1,700 °F, which is very rare since it provides a higher level of protection. The testing also determines the suitability of each safe for various types of contents.

Waterproof rating – unfortunately, UL does not run test on how waterproof safes can get. This being said, the only basis that you have are the claims of the manufacturers about the capacity of their safe to prevent water out. Usually, you can also test the waterproofing of a particular safe by submerging it into a bathtub full of water. You can also spray it with firehoses since these are the usual equipment used by the fire department during fire incidents.

Security – Though the main focus of fireproof safes are protection against fire, it should still have an excellent locking mechanism. You should look for a safe with keypads or keys that can consistently access the locks without any hassle. This will add extra security against burglar and thieves.

Built-quality – basically, an expertly-built safe will have a bigger chance of keeping your valuables safe. Most importantly, it will offer you the peace of mind that you need whenever you are away from home or sleeping at night. Chances are, there are safes with flimsy parts and handles, and you might want to stay away from these types of products. Look for something that has durable and heavy-duty built.

Size – particularly, you might want to choose among two sizes: one that is made for storing documents and a bigger version that’s designed for hanging file folders. For the latter, you should consider a safe that’s spacious enough to hold a letter-size paper without the need to fold it. Basically, not all people wants to hang file folders and tinier safes are way cheaper, that’s why more people opt for this size.

Availability and cost – you can get at least $80 worth of safe that’s certified and tested to withstand a fire for at least 30 minutes, but you can also go for the more expensive models that provide greater level of security. You should also buy your fireproof safe from a legitimate and reputable source that offers free shipping. Take note that safes are usually heavy thus paying for their real shipping fee will likely be prohibited.

Buying a Small Fireproof Box

For those who are looking for small fireproof safe that can offer a great amount of protection to their valuables, the AmazonBasics Security Safe is a cost-effective option. It is way affordable than other safes of the same size but its functionality and quality were never compromised.

The size of the AmazonBasics Security Safe is 0.5 cubic foot, almost similar to compact safes that you usually see in hotel rooms. With this economically-priced selection of safes from Amazon, one can now experience the similar level of security offered at hotels. But this time, it would be in the comfort of your own office, home, or any other places that you want to store your valuables under key and lock or keypad. Furthermore, you can operate the safe using a very simple programmable numeric touch pad, but you can also use the emergency key to access it. The interior of the Security Safe is composed of a shelf that divides the storage area into two sections. The bottom section has carpet to safeguard it from scratches. This style is the perfect storage solution for couples who like to share or for those who simply want to keep everything sorted and organized.

You can assign the lower section for your watches and jewelries and the top section your documents, cash, or handgun. The AmazonBasics Security Safe also has an included mounting hardware that will allow you to easily attach it to the shelf, wall, or floor. However, take note that regardless of how heavy-duty and robust and reliable it is for securing valuables from burglars, this safe doesn’t have any fireproof or waterproof rating. On another note, the safe has over 2,500 reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of 4 star. If you don’t want to splurge a lot of money to access a good-quality safe, then the AmazonBasics Security Safe might be the best option for you.

The Best Fireproof Safe for Cash

The SentrySafe Fire Resistant Chest is a compact and cost-efficient safe that will free your mind from any worries because it is heavy-duty and fireproof. It is also small enough to be hidden in plain sight or carried during vacations or travels.

A committed thief is basically going to pry open your SentrySafe Fire Resistant Chest. You have to remember that it doesn’t have the level of security offered by Fort Knox. As a matter of fact, even an inexperienced burglar can simply pick up the safe and open it later on. This being said, if you are looking for something that offers extreme amount of security, this product is not for you. However, if you are looking for a storage space that can hold your passports, money, several pieces of jewelry, and some important documents, this inexpensive fireproof safe is a good option.

Furthermore, the SentrySafe Fire Resistant Chest has the ability to safeguard its contents against fire with temperatures as much as 1550º Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes tops. This specific feature is the main reason why many people invest in this safe. And while it is not extremely powerful, the key operated lock is definitely strong enough to prevent a quick prying attempt from burglars and thieves, and it will surely block the curious attempts of young kids. In addition, since the safe is extremely compact and it can easily be transported, it has a built-in handle that allows you to bring it anywhere you go. You can take it with you in your hotel, car, or any other places that you want to protect your valuables against fire.

The SentrySafe Fire Resistant Chest has more than 200 reviews on Amazon and a total of 4.2 rating. If your requirement for a safe is something that could protect your documents and other irreplaceable possessions from intense fire for a generous amount of time, then this safe will work great on your home or office. 

The Best Fireproof Box for Documents

The Steelwater Gun Safes 2-Hour Fireproof Safe can survive blazes of 1800º F for two hours straight. This is way beyond the minimum standard!

With its impressive specs, the Steelwater Gun Safes 2-Hour Fireproof Safe has every reason to be expensive. It will safeguard your prized possessions from intense fire temperature for over two hours. This is something that you can’t get anywhere else. Moreover, when a thief tries to open the heavy-duty steel door or lift a 115-pound safe, you’ll definitely know that they won’t stand a chance against it. This is another feature that you are paying for.

For a safe to be rated as fireproof, it should have the ability to safeguard its consents from maximum heat for at least 30 minutes. The Steelwater Gun Safes 2-Hour Fireproof Safe exceeds this by four folds, providing unmatched fireproofing. However, see to it that you stuff the anchor hole at the bottom with a fireproof caulking in case you’re not utilizing it to mount the safe down. The interior is made of a removable and adjustable shelf, as well as a slide out drawer on top, allowing you to sort and organize your valued possessions without any hassle.  The security system of the safe is also unique. It requires both key and combination lock to open the safe. With this, it might not be a great option for those who are looking for quick access for their weapons. However, the dual locking system adds an even greater protection against burglars. The combination is already set and it is unchangeable, so make sure you sure it with those you truly trust.

The The Steelwater Gun Safes 2-Hour Fireproof Safe has more than 17 reviews and it has an overall rating of 4.4 star. It is an ideal fireproof safe for people who wanted something that is not easily destructible and don’t mind the dual locking system.

Why You Need a Small Fireproof Safe

When fire incidents happen, you might risk losing important documents and items in your home and office. Once they are burned, there’s no way of retrieving them again. Sentimental objects such as souvenirs and photographs can also go up in flames and what’s worse is that these valuables are irreplaceable. With this, it is very essential to keep your prized possessions in a storage that’s completely fire-resistant.  Purchasing a premium-grade fireproof safe is vital.

You can find small fireproof safes that retail at $50. They are basically compact in size and some versions are designed to have compartment dividers so you can sort your valuables in an organized way. You can also find larger safes with similar design to filling cabinets and they usually retail at over $50. You can use them to keep your essential records, documents, and other valuable items. Most of the fireproof safes that you will find for home use are designed to have a compact size, something that can easily be concealed behind a cabinet or beneath the bed. Those who own fireproof safes should direct the firefighter to the specific location of the safe.

In addition, if you are a gun owner, you should also consider buying a fireproof safe. It will not only maintain the functionality and quality of your firearms, but also preserve it in a safe and hidden storage. Fireproof safes that are of high quality have rates that begin at approximately $500. Individuals who own weapons should store those items in a protected storage unit. By utilizing a fireproof safe, you can protect your investment and make it last for a long time. It is very important to invest and purchase a fireproof safe, most especially if you have numerous documents and weapons to protect. But, if you don’t have the money to buy a top-rate fireproof safe, you can DIY the entire fireproofing procedure. Here’s how to fireproof your own safe:

Making your very own fireproof safe will greatly help in protecting your prized possessions including jewelry, documents, money, and weapons. It will safeguard them from damages of fire incidents and unauthorized access of thieves. There are many things inside your home that you can utilize to make a DIY fireproof safe. This article will tackle the easy yet effective on how to create your own durable and heavy-duty safe. You only need simple items: the valuables that you want to protect, a low-key container, and a resealable, waterproof bag. The bag can be one of those that you use as biscuit or food container. You also need a refrigerator, water, and other fireproof areas.

> Collect your valuables and put them altogether inside the waterproof, resealable bag. The bag will protect them from harmful natural elements such as moisture.

> Place the bag inside the low-key container. The container that you will use will depend on the type of fireproof area that you will utilize. But, you can also use an old food container filled with water. Once the container is situated inside the freezer, the water will be frozen and this mechanism will safeguard the items that are inside the waterproof bag.

> If your chosen fireproof spot is the fridge, you can put the low-key container with all your valuable items inside. Now, you have a secure and fireproof method to store your prized items.

This is an easy and budget-friendly way to protect and preserve your important items. But if you don’t have the time to perform all those steps, you can always get yourself a premium-quality fireproof safe. But when choosing a safe, make sure you take note of these factors: fire ratings, size, and cost. The fire rating will tell you how long the safe can withstand a particular temperature. The higher the rating, the greater the capacity to resist heat.

Many business establishments have invested in top-notch fireproof safes. This type of safe is perfect for companies that wanted to preserve and protect important records. In fact, fireproof safes are the best defense of newspaper and magazine companies against unforeseen fire incidents that can damage their older editions, which are stored on microfilm.


Every fireproof safe mentioned in the list have their own unique features and specs. The decision on which model you should purchase depends on the type of safe that you want and the items that you are planning to protect. This means that what works for others may not work for you, and vice versa. You should consider what would be the best fireproof safe for your purposes. What features do you want in a safe? And if you already invest in one, what made you decide to buy it? The answer is up to you.

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